Garrison Diversion

Garrison Diversion Operation and Maintenance Office
210 Highway 200 NE, McClusky, ND

The Garrison Diversion Conservancy District will be offering approximately 1,582.6 acres of hayland on the McClusky Canal to the highest bidder during a competitive open bid auction to be held at 10 a.m. on June 13, 2023.  The bid auction site is the McClusky District Field Office located 3 miles west of McClusky, North Dakota immediately south of Highway 200.  Thirty-three individual fields will be bid and hayed separately.  Actual figures are subject to change before the bid date.

Please see specs and maps at the links below:
#1 Turtle Lake & Lake Williams
#2 TL Hwy 200 & West & East Park Lakes
#3 Edgemont & Wilson
#4 Steiber & Johns Lake
#5 McClusky & Mountain City
#6 Hellman & Lincoln Dale
#7 Granville
McClusky 2023 Spes and Table Table